Mastering Tryndamere Counters in Wild Rift: Tips and Strategies


Tips-and-Tricks-on-How-to-Counter-Tryndamere-in-Wild-Rift-In Wild Rift, Tryndamere is perhaps one of the most beginner-friendly champions in the game due to his simple and easy-to-execute kit. He is also known for his insane damage output and strong split-pushing potential. In the hands of a skilled player, however, he can be a real nightmare to deal with. But fear not, as there are several champions and strategies that can help you counter Tryndamere effectively.

Know Your Enemy – Understanding Tryndamere’s Kit

Tryndamere BannerIn order to defeat Tryndamere in a duel or even in team fights, you need to understand his kit and how it works. Tryndamere’s main source of damage comes from his critical strikes, which he can effectively increase with his Battle Fury ability. With every critical strike he deals, he gains more Fury, which is the bread and butter of his kit. More Fury means more critical strikes, leading to more damage. Defensively, he can even heal himself by consuming all of the Fury stacks he’s gained. 

Tryndamere’s second skill, Mocking Shout, can induce Slow and reduce an opponent’s attack damage by up to 40%. He also has a dash that allows him to close gaps or escape from danger. Finally, his Ultimate skill, Undying Rage, is perhaps the most terrifying piece in his kit, as it allows him to become virtually unkillable for five seconds. If combined with his other skills and a full stack of Fury, those few seconds are more than enough time to kill a champion, even at full health.

Pros Cons
Great Sustain and Healing Vulnerable to CC
Perfect for Split-Pushing Countered by Poke
Excellent Duelist Susceptible to Burst Damage
Lethal Ultimate Too Reliant on Ultimate
Master of the Baron Lane Poor Mobility

All in all, Tryndamere is a champion that relies on his Ultimate to survive clashes and depends on his basic attacks to deal damage. He can also buff himself endlessly with his Fury while also having some utility and survivability in his kit. Knowing this, we can start to think of ways to counter him.

Wild Rift Counter Heroes for Tryndamere

Countering Tryndamere requires a combination of good item building, timing, and champion picks. Let’s start with the top champions you should pick that will stand a chance against Tryndamere’s Fury-based attacks. Here are some of the best Tryndamere counters in Wild Rift:


Malphite Wild RiftMalphite is a tanky champion that seems almost impossible to kill, making him an ideal counter to Tryndamere. Malphite’s ultimate ability, Unstoppable Force, can stun and knock up enemies in a large area, effectively shutting down Tryndamere’s mobility and damage output. Additionally, Malphite’s passive ability, Granite Shield, gives him bonus armour and shield, making him difficult to burst down. Since Tryndamere is a champion that excels in wearing down opponents while not dying in the process, Malphite is one of those champions who can easily outlast him in a prolonged fight.


Jax Wild RiftJax is considered the bane of auto-based champions like Tryndamere, especially in the Baron Lane. He also has powerful duelling capabilities, making him a great counter to Tryndamere’s split-pushing potential. Jax’s Counter-Strike ability can dodge all incoming attacks and stun enemies, giving him the upper hand in a one-on-one fight. He can easily melt Tryndamere with his Grandmaster’s Might ability and his passive, Relentless Assault, which grants him bonus attack speed with each consecutive hit. Jax’s mobility also allows him to chase down Tryndamere when he tries to escape.


Pantheon Wild RiftPantheon is an aggressive champion with strong burst damage and crowd-control abilities. Pantheon’s Aegis Assault ability can block incoming attacks, while his Shield Vault skill allows him to dash to an enemy and stun them. With this combo alone, any Pantheon player can easily shut down Tryndamere, especially in the early game. Additionally, Pantheon’s Grand Starfall ultimate can be used to surprise Tryndamere and burst him down until he falls.


Darius Wild RiftDarius is a juggernaut champion that can easily outduel Tryndamere with his powerful abilities. Darius’ Decimate ability deals massive damage in an area, while his Apprehend skill can pull Tryndamere towards him, trapping him in range of Darius’ attacks. His passive ability, Hemorrhage, deals additional damage the more stacks he applies on his enemies. The combination of these abilities can easily wear down Tryndamere’s health, even if he tries to escape. Darius’ ultimate, Noxian Guillotine, deals true damage and scales with the amount of Hemorrhage applied to the enemy, making it a devastating finishing move against Tryndamere. With his high sustain and tankiness, Darius can easily withstand Tryndamere’s attacks and come out on top in a fight.


Teemo Wild RiftTeemo is another champion feared by enemies who rely on auto attacks to deal damage. This is due to his Blinding Dart ability, which can cause Blindness on any unlucky targets. Blinded enemies will miss their target for a few seconds, rendering their attacks useless. Additionally, Teemo’s Noxious Trap mushrooms can slow and deal damage to Tryndamere as he tries to chase him down. Teemo’s Move Quick ability also allows him to quickly move away from Tryndamere when he tries to chase him down. While Teemo may not be able to outright defeat Tryndamere, he can make it difficult for him to engage in fights and push lanes effectively.

Strategies to Counter Tryndamere

Tryndamere Profile

Choosing the right champion to counter Tryndamere is crucial if you want to win a fight against him. However,

  1. Crowd Control: Tryndamere relies heavily on his auto attacks to deal damage, so any form of crowd control can effectively shut him down. Champions like Pantheon and Darius have strong crowd-control abilities that can stun or pull Tryndamere towards them, making it difficult for him to escape or deal damage. Additionally, items like Frozen Heart and Randuin’s Omen can reduce Tryndamere’s attack speed and slow him down, making him less of a threat in team fights.
  2. Kiting: As a melee champion, Tryndamere is vulnerable to ranged attacks and kiting. Champions like Teemo and Vayne can easily poke at Tryndamere from a safe distance, making it difficult for him to engage in fights. Additionally, champions with movement speed abilities, like Teemo and Ezreal, can quickly dash away from Tryndamere when he tries to chase them down.
  3. Targeting Weaknesses: Tryndamere is a champion that heavily relies on his ultimate, Undying Rage, to survive in fights. However, this ability has a long cooldown, so if you can bait him into using it prematurely or wait for it to expire, he becomes much easier to take down. Once he wastes his ultimate, you pretty much disable his most important defensive tool, making him vulnerable to burst damage and focused attacks.
  4. Build Anti-AD Items: Tryndamere deals mostly physical damage, so building armour items like Randuin’s Omen, Ninja Tabi, or Frozen Heart can reduce his damage output significantly. Additionally, items with grievous wounds like Bramble Vest or Executioner’s Calling can reduce his healing from his Bloodlust ability.
  5. Team Coordination: Tryndamere is a strong duelist, but he can struggle in team fights if he is focused down by multiple champions. By coordinating with your team and focusing on taking down Tryndamere together, you can quickly eliminate him from fights and prevent him from causing too much damage. Additionally, champions with abilities that can disrupt his ultimate, like Veigar’s Event Horizon or Lulu’s Polymorph, can prevent him from using it effectively and make him an easy target for your team to take down.

With these tips and strategies, you’ll be able to counter Tryndamere effectively and emerge victorious in every match. Remember to play smart, communicate with your team, and adapt to the situation to achieve success in Wild Rift. For more Wild Rift tips and strategies, check out our other hero guides. Happy gaming!

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