Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Classes Explained


CODM Battle Royale ClassesCall Of Duty Mobile’s (CODM) Batte Royale (BR) mode features class-based combat derived from the loadouts players choose in various game modes in its classic Multiplayer mode. This highly diversified selection of Classes based on the five Professions makes CODM’s BR mode focus on team synergy and cooperation, compared to other BR titles.

In this article, we will look at the available Classes and Professions, some general tips on how to use them, and how to upgrade them in-game.

Battle Royale Classes Overview

There currently are five main Professions in CODM Battle Royale: Tracker, Support, Disrupt, Defense, and Stealth.  Each main Profession has Classes depending on the selected Operator Skill.

The table below shows these Classes, and we will follow that up with the special skill(s) of each Class:

Tracker Support Disrupt Defense Stealth
Scout Medic Trap Master Spotter Ninja
Clown Refitter Rewind Defender Poltergeist
Mechanic Trickster Desperado Pumped
Airborne Smoke Bomber Igniter

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes Explained

In this section, we will look at each of the classes in CODM Battle Royale and some general strategies for each.

Tracker (Passive: Enemy footsteps are heard and detected from a distance)

  • Scout: The Scout class is among the most useful classes currently available in CODM’s BR mode. I changed my main class (Defender) to the Scout in my squad games. The Operator Skill of this class is a projectile tracking device (Sensor Dart) that scans enemies within a short radius where they landed, regardless of position and surface. This means that the tracking device will scan even if the enemies are hidden behind a wall or at a different elevation.
  • Clown: Despite its name, or probably because of its name, the class has dogs as its Operator Skill. I do not find this Skill very useful since the dogs can be shot at. However, when you are uncertain of your next move, the dogs may help you know where your enemies are.
  • Mechanic: A mechanic excels at using EMP drones to disrupt enemies, slowing and blinding them. Very useful. The one-minute cooldown and 15-second duration of disruption is something to consider, though. I think it’s a big nerf. Mechanics can detect vehicles through any surface if that’s your thing.
  • Airborne: A useful class for escaping and repositioning, the Airborne class deploys a catapult to launch the team in the air and glide to different areas of the map. As a bonus, the team’s gliding time is increased when an Airborne is present in the team.

Support (Passive: Reduces recovery and revive times)

  • Medic: Medic deploys a Transform Shield that heals the team within its distance. While particularly useful for aggressive teams and players, a skill that recharges/repairs Shields is more useful.
  • Refitter: While not a recharge/repair station, the Refitter drops Shield Packs that the team can pick up. As a bonus, its additional Passive skill automatically repairs the vehicles the team rides. I love this as I find myself going for Shields than Health Packs.

Disrupt (Passive: Movement speed increases after skill activation)

  • Rewind: What if I tell you that you can go back in time using one of the classes in CODM BR? That is exactly what the Rewind class does. It lets you travel to a location you were in a few seconds prior. The idea of escaping danger and repositioning once the skill charges make this one of the most useful classes in the game.
  • Trap Master: I am always paired with a Trap Master when playing BR games. Their skill is placing a high-voltage trap that slows down and damages enemies. Pair that skill with the Scout’s Sensor Dart, and the possibilities are endless.
  • Trickster: I rarely encounter a Trickster in my games, but when I do, I almost always fall for their decoy skill. The Trickster employs two holographic decoys that trick the opponents into thinking they got the real enemy. A temporary speed increase is also applied to the real Trickster.
  • Smoke Bomber: Its skill is, surprise, a smoke bomb that you can use to escape danger while also marking where enemies are. Only use this skill like the Sensor Dart if you plan on ambushing the enemy. It can be a complementary skill to the Poltergeist or Ninja classes.
  • Hacker: For veteran Call Of Duty gamers, the Hacker’s skill is similar to the Perk and Scorestreak from Modern Warfare 1 and 2: Counter-UAV (or UAV Jammer). The nearby enemy’s minimap is disrupted (showing static/noise) and prevents them from using gadgets. However, this skill does not affect enemy Hackers for obvious reasons.

Defense (Passive: Reduces explosive damage and impact of negative status effects)

  • Defender: Employs a Transform Shield. The difference between the BR and Multiplayer versions of the Transform Shield is the BR version deploys a flashbang effect instead of a fire breath in Multiplayer. This version of Transform Shield, I think, is not very useful but more impactful than the Medic’s.
  • Spotter: Another class derived from a Scorestreak in Modern Warfare, the Spotter calls a cluster air strike in an area designated by the user. It is most useful when the match is reaching its tail end. The smaller the arena, the better and more effective the air strike.
  • Desperado: The Desperado deploys a turret with a shield. This is similar to a Multiplayer Scorestreak: Shielded Turret. In addition to this, the unique Passive skill of the Desperado is that it makes the user fight with a pistol when downed. Getting a kill in this state revives the Desperado. This is, again, derived from the old Modern Warfare perk, Last Stand. I don’t use this perk in the old Modern Warfare, so I don’t think it’s also advantageous in CODM.
  • Igniter: Igniters deploy a bag that spits out tar, slowing and damaging enemies caught in it. I like this but have yet to use it as much as I did before. This can be paired with a Trap Master, Spotter, or Clown for an offensive barrage.

Stealth (Passive: Reduce movement noise)

  • Ninja: This class uses a grappling hook to get to different points on the map. It can also be used to close in on enemies.
  • Poltergeist: If going stealthy is your thing, then the Poltergeist class is right for you. The Poltergeist skill makes the user near-invincible for a short duration. This skill can be paired with the Trickster, Smoke Bomber, Hacker, and Scout. 
  • Pumped: The only class in CODM BR that has a unique item equipped, a jet pack. The jet pack skill enables shooting in the air but with decreased accuracy.

How to Upgrade Classes in BR Mode

You can find chip terminals marked by a purple icon on the map to upgrade classes and receive power-ups for your chosen class. These terminals give out Class Drivers necessary to upgrade your chosen class. You will know when your upgrade is successful if the skill icon on the upper right turns purple instead of the default blue.


These classes in CODM Battle Royale give the game a unique and familiar experience. As mentioned, most classes are derived from older Call Of Duty games, so using them feels right at home for veteran players. I suggest playing the class you are most comfortable with. This means approximating the skill you use for Multiplayer to its BR counterpart. If it does not work, you can always experiment with other classes. Enjoy your games.

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