Get Cheap MLBB Diamonds & Bonus with Codacash only on Codashop Philippines



Cheap MLBB Diamonds Codacash Philippines

Having loads of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang diamonds in the game is a fantastic feeling. Although, we need to get them with real cash. But the more diamonds you have, the rarer items you can collect. You can also get Starlight Member & Twilight Pass rewards, unlock your favourite heroes, get cool skins, and so much more! Here we will show you the step by step on how to get cheaper MLBB diamonds with the only way, Codacash!

About Codacash

Codacash is an e-wallet by Codashop, which give you exclusive access to lower price top-up offers, premium deals, and other events. As you already know, Codashop Philippines MLBB Top Up is the one-stop recharge portal where you can buy cheap MLBB diamonds with various local payment method choices. You can also purchase Starlight Member, Starlight Member Pass, and Twilight Pass right away. Now, you can get those with lower prices on the same platform (Codashop Philippines) via Codacash! Here is the price comparison between regular purchases and via Codacash.

MLBB Diamond Price Comparison

Diamond Recharge Amount

Normal Price

Codacash Philippines price

10 Diamonds + 1 Bonus ₱13 ₱9.50
20 Diamonds + 2 Bonus ₱26 ₱19
51 Diamonds + 5 Bonus ₱65 ₱47.50
102 Diamonds + 10 Bonus ₱130 ₱95
203 Diamonds + 20 Bonus ₱260 ₱190
303 Diamonds + 33 Bonus ₱390 ₱285
504 Diamonds + 66 Bonus ₱650 ₱475
1007 Diamonds + 156 Bonus ₱1300 ₱950
2015 Diamonds + 383 Bonus ₱2000 ₱1900
5035 Diamonds + 1007 Bonus ₱5000 ₱4750
Starlight Member ₱500 ₱480
Starlight Member Plus ₱999 ₱950
Twilight Pass ₱500 ₱475


How to Get Cheap MLBB Diamonds in the Philippines?

Recharge the same amount of your regular MLBB diamonds, but at a lower price? Who doesn’t want that! It’s so easy like one, two, three, by following these steps:

  • Go to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Codashop Philippines page.
  • Input your Mobile Legend’s user ID.
  • Select the amount of diamonds or membership you want to purchase.
  • Select Codacash as the payment method, and it will show the cheaper price next to the button.
  • If you haven’t Sign In to your Codashop account, a panel will show once you click the Codacash payment method, and click “sign in here”
  • Input your email address & Codashop account password, and click “Sign In”
  • Click on the “Buy Now” button to complete the transaction.

Upon completing the payment, diamonds will be instantly credited to your MLBB account. If you haven’t created Codacash account, read the instruction below for more details.

How to Sign up for Codacash in Codashop Philippines?

Suppose you’re in the middle of filling up transaction details for MLBB diamonds. In that case, you can right away sign up by putting your email address and password once the Codacash Sign Up panel appears after you click on the Codacash as payment method. You can also right away go to Codashop Philippines homepage and follow this instruction:

  • Simply go to Codashop Philippines page, and click on the hamburger (three stripes) menu in the top left corner
    Codacash how to sign up Codashop philippines
  • Once the panel shows, click “Sign Up”
    panel codacash philippines
  • Fill up the email and password
  • Click “Continue”
  • Read the terms and conditions before deciding to click “Accept”.
  • Check on your e-mail inbox to verify your account.

And you are all set to make a purchase for MLBB Diamonds with a lower price and other perks.