August Starlight-exclusive skin: Wan Wan “Teen Pop”


Get your “funk” on with MLBB’s August Starlight-exclusive skin! Wan Wan “Teen Pop” spells young and fun!

Get instantly drawn to Wan Wan’s newest skin as she takes the center stage this month. Her fresh and carefree vibe is evident from the vibrant splashes of color in this new ensemble. She’s wearing a white shirt over a pink tank top paired with shorts, a matching pink baseball cap, gold headphones and a pair of knee-high socks. We love how she ditched her traditional crossbow in favor of 2 graffiti spray guns! And are those tiger sneakers?

The battlefield is surely going to burst with colors! Enjoy other Starlight-exclusive perks too like: Painted skin (Ember Flare), MLBB Battle Emote, Sacred statue (Floral dance) and many more!

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