Codashop Spooktober Giveaway | Win RM100 Codacash Gift Code



Codashop Spooktober Giveaway: Win RM100 Codacash Gift Code

THIS IS NOT A TRICK! Top up any of the games listed (LifeAfter, Garena Shells, Bullet Angel. Steam Wallet Code) on Codashop and you will stand a chance to win RM100 Codacash gift code or Bullet Angel Gems đź’Ą


Terms and Conditions 

  1. Top up any of the games listed (Steam wallet codes, Bullet Angel, Garena Shells, LifeAfter) on Codashop. 
  2. Each transaction of any top up amount with a verified email address that was filled with true, complete and accurate information during purchase, will automatically entitle you to participate in this campaign. .
  3. Top 10 participants with the highest accumulated spend from Steam wallet code, Garena Shells and LifeAfter games will win a bonus RM100 Codacash. Total of 30 participants will be selected.
  4. Top 10 participants with the highest accumulated spend from Bullet Angel on Codashop will win 2,800 gems. 
  5. Entry ticket mechanics:
    Bullet Angel (Denomination)  Entries
    280 gems , 560 gems  1
    840 gems ,1400 gems  5
    1960 gems , 2800 gems  7
    5600 gems  10
    Garena Shells  (Denomination)  Entries
    100 Garena Shells, 200 Garena Shells 1
    290 Garena Shells, 500 Garena Shells 5
    725 Garena Shells, 1,000 Garena Shells 7
    2,000 Garena Shells 10
    LifeAfter (Denomination)  Entries
    65 Credits, 330 Credits  1
    558 Credits, 1108 Credits  5
    2,268 Credits, 3,468 Credits , 7
    5,768, Credits,  7,768 Credits  10
    Steam Wallet Code  (Denomination)  Entries
    5 MYR, 20 MYR  1
    50 MYR, 100 MYR  7
    200 MYR  10
  6. Each user is only entitled to win one (1) prize throughout the campaign period.
  7. Winners will be notified through the email address filled in during the purchase on Codashop.
  8. By participating in the contest, users agree to abide by the Contest Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by the Contest Terms and Conditions including any amendments or variations thereto as well as any decisions made by Codashop. 
  9. The contest is open to all residents of Malaysia, aged 18 years and above.
  10. Entries will only qualify for the contest if the entry is submitted within the contest period. Entries submitted outside of the contest period, or submitted through any means other than specified herein, will not be eligible for the contest. Any complaints on missing and/or delayed submissions will not be entertained.
  11. By taking part in this contest, all participants are deemed to have provided expressed consent for Codashop to process, use, and/or transfer (where necessary) the contestant’s personal information, social media handle and photos submitted, for the purposes of this contest.



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