VALORANT Sprays and their Meme Origins

VALORANT Meme Spray Inspiration
Collecting VALORANT sprays is fun but I bet you’ll like it more if you know their meme origins! Here are 8 VALORANT sprays and their meme inspirations.

Top Up VALORANT Points Direct Carrier Billing (Cel...

VALORANT Direct Carrier Billing
Buying VALORANT Points is easier, safer and more convenient using Celcom, DiGi, U Mobile & Maxis. You only need to enter your phone number to make a payment. There is no need to fill out long ...

More Characters, More Fun! How to Unlock New Agent...

VALORANT is Riot’s take on the popular 5v5 multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) genre, where one team attacks and the other defends. It’s a smart blend of pinpoint gunplay and character shooter,...

MLBB and VALORANT: Get up to RM5 off with Celcom!

GET UP TO RM5 OFF ON MLBB AND VALORANT WITH CELCOM! Attention Codashoppers! Codashop and Celcom are back with another discount deal for you! Enjoy 5% OFF (Up to RM5) on MLBB Diamonds and VALORANT P...

Into the Abyss: Exploring VALORANT’s Newest Map

Agents, lock and load! Are you ready to plunge into the unknown? Unlike anything we've seen before, VALORANT's newest map, Abyss, has burst onto the scene. This isn't your typical battlefield –  Abyss...

VALORANT Magepunk 3.0 Bundle: Price and Skins

VALORANT Magepunk Bundle
The Magepunk series of skin lines is one of the most famous cosmetics in VALORANT, so this new version indicates its popularity.

Get Epic Bonus When You Top Up With FPX!

Epic Bonus with FPX! Epic news for Codashoppers! From 9 July - 9 August, enjoy EPIC BONUS when you top up with FPX on Codashop. Rewards Check out the EPIC BONUS below; VALORANT  Top u...

VALORANT: Get up to RM5 off with Celcom!

UNLOCK RADIANT SAVINGS ON VALORANT WITH CELCOM! Attention Agents! Codashop and Celcom have a special promotion for you this holiday season! Enjoy 5% OFF (Up to RM5) on VALORANT POINTS from 1st Dece...

VALORANT How to Rank up Battle Pass Faster

VALORANT Battle Pass Level Up
Whether you're a regular player or looking to maximize your XP gains, this guide can help you rank up your ALORANT battle pass faster.

VALORANT patch 5.08: New UI upgrade

VALORANT patch 5.08
The 5.08 patch for VALORANT is now live, and it introduces a bunch of new features and changes to the game. The most notable change is the new UI upgrade, which gives the game a fresh new look, ma...