Friday, June 5, 2020
Chang'e Epic Skin Lunar Magic

Chang’e Epic Skin “Lunar Magic” | A World of Fantasy

Chang'E is easily one of the most annoying Mage heroes you should never underestimate. There are just so many ways to play Chang'e. She...
June Starlight X.Borg Graffiti Fashion

June 2020 Starlight Membership – X.Borg “Graffiti Fashion”

Turn up the heat with X.Borg exclusive skin "Graffiti Fashion" in Mobile Legends June Starlight Membership. There will be Chang'e Painted Skin "Azure Moon", fresh...
Gusion New Skin Cosmic Gleam

Cosmic Starlight In The Land Of Dawn | Gusion New Skin “Cosmic Gleam”

Gusion New Skin "Cosmic Gleam" In the new "Cosmic Gleam" skin, Gusion transforms into a robot, looking almost like Saber's brother. With the new appearance,...
Valir Draconic Flame

Valir Heeds The Dragons’ Calls With New Skin “Dragonic Flame”

Burn in the dragonic flames The world is plunged into an abyss of suffering under the threat of the evil dragons. Valir, the Son of...
Silvanna Midnight Justice

Fear No Darkness | Silvanna Midnight Justice Skin

Fearless warriors, ensemble! It might seem contradicting between the new skin colour and Silvanna's quote that says "Only lights can drive out the darkness" but...
50 Diamonds Skins MLBB

50 Diamonds For Selected MLBB Skins

50 Diamonds for selected MLBB Skins You read it right, from 25 May to 8 June 2020, choose one of these three Skins for only...
Luo Yi Yin Yang Mage

Luo Yi, Yin Yang Geomancer | Teleport Combo

If you've mastered Lunox and Kagura, Luo Yi should be your next goal! This new Yin-Yang hero is a close range burst mage with...
Mobile Legends Ramadhan Sale

Mobile Legends Ramadhan Sale Up to 40%

In this holy month of Ramadhan, Mobile Legends have a special Ramadhan Sale for all of you MLBB players! Enjoy discount up to 40%...
Lylia Exclusive 515 Skin Future Star

Lylia Exclusive 515 Skin: Future Star

Lylia Exclusive 515 Skin has arrived! With this new party look, she can join Ling, Sun and Clint now. she's an aggressive Diggie with a...
May 2020 Starlight Membership Granger

May 2020 Starlight Membership – Granger “Biosoldier”

The Vagrant Poet is back in action with style! In May, a new skin for Granger is available now on Mobile Legends, available via...